Irene Waltz-Oppertshäuser Marketing Gun

Hi, I’m your marketing gun for hire, working at the interface of sales, business and IT. A German native, experienced in leading teams and projects in digital marketing, crm and e-commerce. I’m available for short-term or longer-term engagements.

Irene Waltz-Oppertshäuser

Marketing Gun For Hire




I've worked in a wide range of marketing and sales roles, from project lead to Head of CRM, with a focus on data-driven marketing in digital channels, both for customer acquisition and retention.


Having worked for companies such as eBay and several online retailers in the B2C space, I am deeply familiar with the specific tactics, challenges and opportunities in e-commerce marketing.


I've initiated and been part of several roll-out projects, both for optimizing internal workflows with project management tools, as well as selecting and implementing campaign management tools.

Talk to me!

Based in Berlin, Germany, I'm available for projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on-site and remote.
Please let me know the best way and time to reach you to talk about your project. I look forward to hearing from you!
Cheers Irene